Tensilica 388VDO Model


Tensilica Video DSP 388VDO

The 388VDO Video Engine is customized for multi-standard, multi-resolution video in SOC designs. Targeted at mobile handsets and personal media players (PMPs), the 388VDO supports multiple video standards for encoding and decoding.

Tensilica supplies both the hardware (in RTL) and the software codecs for the 388VDO Video DSP. With the optimized video instructions, developers can port their own codecs to the 388VDO Engine entirely in C, saving time compared to assembly language programming.

This model is a performance optimized instruction set representation of the processor capable of operating in both cycle accurate and turbo modes. The model integrates directly into SoC Designer Plus virtual prototype environment. This enables designers to perform architectural analysis, performance optimization and pre-silicon software debug.