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Collapse Security Protocol Accelerator (SPAcc)Security Protocol Accelerator (SPAcc)
Collapse AES CoresAES Cores
Collapse 3GPP/LTE Cores3GPP/LTE Cores
Collapse Asymmetric CoresAsymmetric Cores
Collapse MULTI2 CoreMULTI2 Core
Collapse DVB CSA CoreDVB CSA Core
Collapse ARC4 CoreARC4 Core
Collapse DES CoresDES Cores
Collapse Hashing CoresHashing Cores
Collapse VPN EnginesVPN Engines
Collapse Random Number GeneratorsRandom Number Generators
Collapse PDU ProcessorsPDU Processors
Collapse Embedded Security (ESM)Embedded Security (ESM)
Carbon Elliptic Technologies Model Library

Elliptic Technologies licenses semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) cores and software for secure communications, storage and system platform security ranging from low power to multi-gigabit per second applications. Elliptic SIP cores enable system-on-chip designers to efficiently balance power, performance and silicon area in complex security-based systems. Demanding customers in markets such as wired and wireless networking, storage, content distribution and implantable medical devices trust embedded security solutions from Elliptic.