Imagination Technologies SGX544MP1-16 Model


SGX544MP1-16 GPU

The PowerVR™ SGX Series5XT Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) IP core family is a series of highly efficient graphics acceleration IP cores that meet the multimedia requirements of the next generation of consumer, communications and computing applications.

PowerVR SGX Series5XT architecture is fully scalable for a wide range of area and performance requirements, enabling it to target markets from low cost feature-rich mobile multimedia products to very high performance consoles and computing devices. By supporting multicore options, up to 16 Series5XT cores can be joined together with near linear scaling of performance.

The Series5XT family incorporates an upgraded Universal Scalable Shader Engine (USSE2™), with significant increases in performance over Series5’s USSE engine. All PowerVR Series5XT cores have a feature set that exceeds the requirements of OpenGL 2.0 and Microsoft Shader Model 3, enabling 2D, 3D and general purpose (GP-GPU) processing in a single core.