Arm Cortex A76 Model


The Arm Cortex-A76 CPU is the second generation premium core built on DynamIQ technology. Paired with a Cortex-A55 CPU in a scalable DynamIQ big.LITTLE configuration, the Cortex-A76 delivers laptop-class performance with mobile efficiency, bringing the mobile experience (fast responsiveness, always on, always connected) into all classes of intelligent mobile compute devices. With superior energy efficiency and far greater single-threaded performance, the Cortex-A76 CPU extends battery life and improves user experience for sustained high performance across even the most complex compute tasks.

SystemC Model
Cortex A76 SystemC Model
Description The Cortex A76 model is compiled directly from Arm register transfer level (RTL) code and maintains 100% functional accuracy. The model integrates directly into any IEEE 1666 compliant SystemC environment.
Special Note The Cycle Models Package contains a model with signal level SystemC wrappers. You can download CPAKs from Arm System Exchange. For more information refer to the SystemC Cycle Model User Guide.
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